Noon was founded in London in 2005 to offer post-production services to different Arabic TV channels based in and outside the United Kingdom. Building experience and reputation, the company has opened out onto variety of visual productions.

Noon has become one of the leading documentary film-making companies working worldwide. Including the UK, France and many other European countries, the company projects had required filming in The USA, Brasil and South Korea , not to mention Arab countries such as; Libya, Sudan and Egypt, Tunisia , Lebanon , Jordan and others.

Noon has blossomed and harvested many awards for its remarkably investigative documentaries. Escape to Death won the Freedom and Human Rights Award in Al-jazeera 10th International Film Festival 2014. The Air Flight 1103 won the Royal Reel Award 2014.

Noon Multimedia cooperates with television channels; implementing projects, and providing services from London. We have carried out projects for the BBC, Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera Documentary and Al-Araby TV. The company has rapidly expanded its services offering graphic services and media consultation. We design TV logos, TV show identities , Intros and Outros. Additionally, we offer music video services. Besides these services we continue to offer a variety of visual production services to Arabic TV channels broadcasting from the UK and Europe to bring the East and the West together.

Noon has recently embarked on drama production focusing on short films. This is with the aim of establishing the company’s expansion strategy in the visual production industry. With its entirely young team, Noon is making every endeavour to keep up with the high quality of services it offers by exploring and developing fresh and unprecedented ideas.