“Lines on the Sands” is a documentary film that traces the history of the lines and the borders in the Arab region, and specifically in Mesopotamia and the Levant, during the past one hundred years. It also endeavours to read into the prospects of drawing new lines in the Arab region in the future.

The film  focuses around the story of Holy Land Foundation which established in the end of the eighties by three Americans from Palestinian origin, they are Shukri Abu Baker, Ghassan Elashi and Mohammad El-Mezain

The Dirty War book film is highlight the story of the Dirty War Book, which is related to the black decade in Algeria, talking about the Civil War by a testimony from a former officer in the Algerian Special Forces, Habib Swaidiah

This documentary follows the story of seven young muslims in their journey to perform Hajj for the first time. We capture these young muslims from the moment they begin their preparation to travel, giving their farewells to their families through to their departure from Britain to their arrival in Saudi Arabia...

The Expatriates is a TV series  about Arabic figures who left their country of origin to settle abroad. Each episode is an exciting and challenging personal experience.

The Da Vinci code showcase dramatic events and talks about a sensitive chapter of the history of Christianity.

Hidden War is a documentary film that sheds light on one of the Israeli Palestinian conflict aspects away from the holy land. The film reveals the hidden political conflict between UK-based organizations promoting peace and justice for the Palestinian people and Zionist lobbying groups in the European country.

Film pharmacological experiments Behind closed doors highlights the pharmacological experiments that occur in the Arab world and its surrounding these experiences of ambiguity and inaccuracy, and violations taking place in the pharmaceutical experiments in the bioequivalence centers in both Jordan and Egypt ...

“Israel under the Dome” is a film that focuses on the role played by the Palestinian missiles during the recent war on Gaza. Drawing on the knowledge of international experts, the film explores the failure of the Iron Dome missile defense system in intercepting the rockets of the Palestinian resistance.

The film examines the human tragedy of about quarter of a million Somalis. who have fled their drought-stricken and war-torn homeland to seek refuge in Yemen. No sooner do the lucky Somali refugees escape death en route to Yemen by sea than they would feel that the real suffering is yet to ensue.

Yemen has been in turmoil since the revolution of 2011, the overthrow of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh in May 2012 and the Houthi-led rebellion beginning in September 2014. Half a world away in the UK, British Yemenis view events in their home country with concern – and feel a responsibility to offer help to the country and its people at a difficult time.

In 2007 the Swedish immigration authorities ruled there was no longer an armed conflict in Iraq and that it was therefore acceptable to send Iraqi citizens back to their country. And a number of Iraqi refugees were deported amid protests, criticism from human rights groups and concern expressed by the United Nations.

Flight 1103 is a documentary film that investigates the crash of flight 1103 from Benghazi to Tripoli which killed the 157 passengers aboard. The incident came four years after the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie in Scotland.

This film follows the journey of Islam in the Korean peninsula, a journey which was started 1000 years ago when Arab and Muslim traders reached the kingdom of Shila. Fast forward to today we examine the stories of conflict, co-existence, prejudices and misunderstanding the Muslims in Korea encounter.

“Escape to Death” is an investigative film that discusses the phenomenon of housemaid suicide in Lebanon. It also focuses on the issues of human rights and the mistreatment that housemaids experience on the hands of their employers.

The film highlights the suffering of the city of Ajdabiya during the siege imposed on it in mid-2011, in an attempt by the Libyan regime to block the march of the Libyan Revolution westward. The film deals with the effect that the lack of medicines and medical services had on the city and how a group of individuals tried to overcome this problem, as well as the shortage in food and general supplies.

The film sheds light on Tuti Island where Mahas tribe has been settling since the 16th century. It is an island in Sudan where the White Nile and Blue Nile merge to form the main Nile.
Tuti is surrounded by the "Three Towns": Khartoum; the capital of Sudan, Omdurman...